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    Job Role: The Practice Representative will manage and execute all marketing and PR events. This could include but is not limited to: * Preparation and oversight of staff in mailings * Responsibility for spinal screenings and health care classes * Interaction and networking with other businesses to promote PR activities * Organization and oversight of philanthropic activities and fundraising events. * Organization and oversight of marketing events. * Implementation and conducting focus groups * Business to Business Marketing to promote and encourage referral relationships * Attendance at staff meetings * Attendance at strategic planning sessions * Organization of health fair(s) * Attendance at Continuing Education seminars * All other duties as assigned * Compliance with all federal, state, and local laws Special skills required/desired: * Possess the knowledge and skills required to work successfully in a fast paced office. * Be able to digest new information quickly and apply it productively. * Be consistent and dependable in work habits. * Possess and utilize good communication skills. A basic knowledge of computing including the Microsoft Office Suite is essential. Kelly Chiropractic utilizes a wide assortment of computer equipment and software for varied activities. Experience with community building/outreach and knowledge of appointment based and/or healthcare related software is a plus. The Practice Representative will be required to keep written records of all of their activities and report on them at the weekly staff meeting. How to Apply: Please send a resume and cover letter and two references to Annie Perry, Chiropractic assistant at KellyChiroForms@gmail.com. Please no phone calls about this posting. Special Requirements: Criminal background check, office mandated orientation and training, and signed HIPAA confidentiality form.
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