• Chef/Kitchen Manager

    Posted: 04/07/2021

    Jerry’s (4739 N. Lincoln) is looking for a head chef and kitchen manager. Since Jerry’s birth in 2002, one of the owners has been our chef, kitchen manager, and menu designer. We feel that we are ready to move on and take a step forward with new ideas, more consistent kitchen management, and the development of a dinner menu. (This last item should be a lot of fun.)

    Jerry’s is a busy restaurant, so you would be expected to be both the chef and kitchen manager, capable of working the line, prep, or expo alongside your staff. There is some exciting menu planning to be done, but this isn’t a pure "clipboard and coffee" position. Our staff is experienced and fast (we have low turnover) and Jerry’s is a fun place to work with an interesting and friendly kitchen and floor staffs.

    Right now Jerry’s menu (see online) is a creative, dynamic, sandwich-oriented with a pandemic-dormant brunch menu (which we would like to bring back) and, as mentioned and most significantly, design with you a new, full entree dinner menu to give us an even stronger nighttime presence. Jerry’s is at heart a comfort food restaurant, but that covers a lot of ground and we’ve always been willing to riff and do our take on things, so there’s a lot of room for stretching chef wings. And we run 5-8 specials every month which can be challenging and eclectic. We will be looking for stability and commitment and some background or interest in comfort food, gastro pub, barbecue, southern and New Orleans cuisine, etc., but you can also explain this in a cover letter.

    Jerry’s is a part of the tiny MomNPop Hospitality group which includes Geraldine's (part of Jerry's) and the new, heralded Fiya. Jerry's just named one of Chicago's 40 top restaurants: https://www.travioso.com/en/article/the-40-best-restaurants-in-chicago/?fbclid=IwAR12EEWZa7F_NmMdJm4rgs04hGWuZEP476YTkiqztVZFA-TrMZwS-YfDZ-4



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