• 24 Romantic Restaurants in Chicago That Will Have You Falling Head Over Heels

    by Nicole Briese / PureWow / January 19,2023

    If you ask us, nothing says true love like flowers, candy and a shared dining experience at one of the most romantic restaurants in Chicago. And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re boning up on the best ones in the city, whether they're tried-and-true spots that evoke relationship nostalgia (here’s looking at you, Calo) or new cozy locales with mouthwatering menus and a serious lovey dovey factor. There was certainly no shortage of options to choose from—the Windy City is home to both sexy spots like Adalina, where you can drink in the über-posh surroundings with your date and longstanding staples like North Pond, where you can always count on a special meal—but we've managed to narrow it down to the 24 places that are most likely to sweep you and your hunny off your feet. Below, our top picks based on their atmospheres, food offerings and features. Ah, l’amour. Read more HERE



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