• 6 degrees of Francis Almeda, whose Ravenswood coffee shop has become a launch point for small busineses

    by Grace Wong / Chicago Tribune / February 15, 2022

     Side projects have always been Francis Almeda’s thing.

    A graphic designer who worked at a number of advertising agencies, Almeda was always the office’s go-to guy to discuss entrepreneurial dreams because he’d find a way to help bring them to life. Now, he’s continuing his passion of helping people with their side projects through Side Practice Coffee, his cafe in Ravenswood that showcases small businesses through pop-ups and collaborations.

    “I didn’t want to open up just any coffee shop,” Almeda said. “Side projects were a huge part of my life, and I owned a business already and created this community, so why not showcase the people I already had in my network and give them a place to share their work?”
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