• Baker Miller Is Now a Bagel Deli With a New Name in Lincoln Square

    by Samantha Nelson / Eater Chicago / January 11, 2023

    Bagels have been on the menu at Lincoln Square’s Baker Miller since veterans Dave and Megan Miller opened the bakery a decade ago. Their popularity soared so much that the Millers created a separate Miller Bagel Instagram handle in 2015 to reserve the name, just in case they decided to one day open a deli.

    “We never really had the chance,” David Miller says. “We always thought it would be a different location or different concept.”

    With their lease up for renewal in February in Lincoln Square and more uncertainty with rising COVID cases, and rising inflation the Millers decided, now was the time to try something new. Baker Miller relaunched as Miller Bagel on Saturday, January 7.

    “With Baker Miller, the food was good, but we were on autopilot a little bit,” Miller says. “Now we’re able to be a little more creative and have a little more freedom. Because of that, some of the flavors are more exciting, so we’re getting really good feedback on it.” Read more HERE



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