• Beer till you say ‘Stop!’: Dovetail’s kolsch service returns, and other Chicago breweries are following suit

    by Josh Noel / Chicago Tribune / June 23, 2022

    The rules of kolsch serving are simple.

    Take a seat. A nice, cool kolsch beer will arrive in a 200-milliliter glass. (That’s a scant 6.7 ounces.) Your server will ink a small slash on your coaster. Drink the beer. Another will arrive. Your server will add another slash to your coaster. And so on.

    Don’t bother ordering anything. Certainly don’t try to order anything other than kolsch.
    The beers will keep coming until you say “stop,” in the form of placing your coaster atop your glass.
    And there it is: a traditional German style of beer served in a traditional German way.

    That’s what Dovetail Brewery (1800 W. Belle Plaine Ave.) will be doing 1-7 p.m. Sunday, a homage to the same kind of service you’d find in Cologne, Germany, where kolsch reigns supreme. It’s Dovetail’s fourth such service in the last four years for its kolsch, a crisp, refreshing and lightly fruity beer that’s a lean 4.6% alcohol. Read more HERE




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