• Best Day Ever: John Green, author of ''The Fault in Our Stars''

    by Justin Kaufmann / Axios Chicago / March 4, 2022

    Author John Green thought he was done writing books after successfully publishing seven of them, including YA megahits "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Paper Towns."

    • "I started out writing essays for a podcast because I was tired of books and didn't know if I ever wanted to write another one," Green tells Axios.

    Yes, but: Those essays, which all focus on facets of the human condition, have been collected for his new book, "The Anthropocene Reviewed."

    • "Turtles are very good at being turtles," Green says. "They know everything there is to know about being a turtle. I, as a human, know very little about how to be human, or even what it means to be human." Read more HERE



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