• Chicago’s Craft Brewers Make Last-Minute Push For Relief Funds As State Lawmakers Finalize Budget

    by Alex V. Hernandez / Block Club Chicago / April 6, 2022

    “We're trying to hold on and hold the roof up for our businesses, for our employees and for our communities,” one brewery owner said. “I think it’ll take us at least five years before we pay off the debt we’ve taken on.”

    RAVENSWOOD — Chicago’s craft brewers are asking fans to call their legislators in Springfield and urge them to support a bill that would send assistance to brewpubs, distilleries and other businesses throughout the service industry.

    State Sen. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) introduced a bill in February that would set aside $125 million from federal relief funds for restaurants and bars in Illinois. The hospitality industry is the state’s largest employment sector, and at least 11,000 Illinois restaurants, bars and other venues have closed during the pandemic, Feigenholtz said.  

    The state budget is expected to be voted on Thursday night.

    “They have a very short window of time to advocate for this,” Feigenholtz said.  Read more HERE



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