• Explore Lincoln Square’s New All-Day Pub for Pints and Pies

    by Samantha Nelson / Eater Chicago / October 18, 2022

    The Green Post opens Wednesday for Premier League fans and customers “working” from home.

    The Scots have managed to displace the English in Lincoln Square where a bar featuring Scottish whisky is replacing the English pub Red Lion and debuting this week.

    The Green Post, 4749 N. Rockwell Street, is from the owners of The Northman and Bar on Buena. They spent a fair amount of time in Scotland tasting whisky while braving sudden hailstorms during early-morning drinking sessions and consistently found comfort and sustenance in the country’s many savory pie shops. Now they’re bringing that combination to Lincoln Square with an all-day public house meant to embody the hospitality of the North Atlantic.

    “Somewhere in the American timeline, a pub became just a bar — somewhere to go out drinking at night,” says the Green Post co-founder Aaron Zacharias. “It used to be much more of a gathering place, a public house, and in using that term we went back to this as a place to just hang out.” Read more HERE




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