• Farmers Markets Stay Strong in 2021

    Mike Nowak Show / May 9, 2021

    Are we out of the woods yet? I am not talking about my drive on the ninth hole. I am referring, of course, to the COVID-19 pandemic. And the answer, right now, is “not quite”. Actually, “we don’t know” is just as accurate. We are still learning how the virus is spread. We’re still dealing with variant strains. The crisis continues, unabated, in countries like India. But there’s one important thing we do know. Being outdoors is generally safer than being indoors. That’s good news for farmers markets and local food.

    A year ago, if you remember, few people knew how safe it was to participate in any kind of activity, indoors or out. Farmers markets were slow to open. Some decided against it at all. There were worries that small farmers would take a massive hit. And then, something interesting happened. Folks realized that, in the midst of a pandemic, it was important to eat healthy. Farmers markets and small farmers actually saw upticks in sales. So did food co-ops, as we discussed a few weeks ago. There were other benefits as well. Read more and Watch HERE



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