• Half Acre to sell Lincoln Avenue brewery to upstart Hop Butcher for the World, which gets its first home after years of quiet growth

    by Josh Noel / Chicago Tribune / May 6, 2021

    At the intersection of those two needs will be the next chapter for two of Chicago’s most popular breweries — albeit at very different sizes — as Half Acre has agreed to sell its original location, 4257 N. Lincoln Ave., to Hop Butcher for the World, which will take over a space this fall that has become an iconic destination for local and visiting beer drinkers alike.

    Half Acre co-founder Gabriel Magliaro said he never explored a sale of the building beyond his discussions with Hop Butcher founders Jude La Rose and Jeremiah Zimmer, who have operated out of a series of breweries in and around Chicago since launching in 2015. Read more HERE



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