• Latino Veterans Charter American Legion Post 939 to Build Community

    by Erica Gunderson / WTTW News / May 29, 2021

    The century-old veterans organization the American Legion counts all who served active duty in any of the branches of the U.S. armed forces as members. But for young Latino veterans like Marcos Torres and Daniel Del Rivero, it didn’t seem like a place for them.

    “When I joined the United States Army in 2007, when I arrived for basic in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, we arrived at the airport at Oklahoma City,” recalls Torres. “You had Legionnaires there and right away they, like, gave us snacks and they fed us and were like, ‘here sign this paper, sign this paper, you’re in the American Legion now you’re good to go.’”

    “I just knew they were kind of a veteran social club who wore, you know, specific unique hats and I thought they were just an older generation of veterans,” said Del Rivero. Read more and Watch HERE



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