• New Ravenswood Culver's location opened by largest African American franchise owner

    by Leah Hope / ABC-7 News / May 31, 2021

    CHICAGO (WLS) -- The wait is over. Monday, fans of Culver's around Ravenswood and Lincoln Square got their wish.

    "I saw the sign and I said, 'Is that Culver's? No? Yes! Finally, we have one in the city,'" said Maria Paulette.

    "I really love the French fries and the ice cream," added Maggie Allen.

    "It used to be so far, so I'm really excited to have it more often," said Lily Allen.

    Monday morning's grand opening included a visit from co-founder Craig Culver.

    "The butter burger goes better with a "Please and a thank you" and a smile. That's genuine that goes a long way," Culver said.

    However, the opening of this restaurant makes Baron Waller the largest African American franchise owner of Culver's. Read more and Watch HERE



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