• Our favorite Chicago-area takeout dishes of 2020

    by Josh Noel / Chicago Tribune / December 30, 2020

    Most of us would probably love nothing more than to cast 2020 into the ash heap of history and move on. As food writers tasked with covering Chicago’s dining scene, watching so many restaurants struggle has been a daily source of heartbreak. Too many great restaurants have closed, and neighborhood institutions like these won’t be easily replaced.

    Yet, not even a pandemic could totally squash Chicago’s dining scene. Cherished places figured out how to adapt, out-of-work chefs took to social media to sell beloved dishes, and a surprising number of newcomers went ahead and opened brick-and-mortar locations. Sure, we all probably can’t wait to safely dine back inside restaurants, but we are still thankful for the good food we’ve managed to eat this year. Read more HERE



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