• Pizza City Fest Will Debut This Summer With an All-Star Lineup

    by Aimee Levitt / Eater Chicago / March 1, 2022

    Food journalist Steve Dolinsky wants to prove that this city is more than a deep dish punchline.

    Chicago may not need another summer food festival, but this year it’s getting one anyway, courtesy of Steve Dolinsky, “The Food Guy” on NBC 5 and a pizza expert who has written two books on the subject. The Pizza City Fest will debut on July 23-24 at the Plumber’s Union Hall in the West Loop and will feature 39 different pizza-makers from all over Chicago, plus one from Nashville, and special guests from around the country who will discuss the history and technique of pizza-making.

    “I just really wanted to do something that celebrated Chicago pizzerias,” Dolinsky says. “It’s not a competition, and we’re not going to name the best fill-in-the-blank pizza. Obviously they’re not all going to be here.”

    Chicago has had pizza festivals before, but Dolinsky promises that the Pizza City Fest will be different. For one thing, all the pizzas will be freshly made instead of reheated on the premises. Dolinsky personally will only eat pizza straight out of the oven: he feels so strongly about this that he never orders delivery. For a long time, he thought a festival with freshly baked pizza would be impossible, but then about a year ago, he saw video from a festival in the Bronx in New York City that had ovens out on the street. Read more HERE



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