• Ravenswood Artists Show There’s No Place Like Home in Chicago

    by Erica Gunderson / WTTW Chicago Tonight / December 21, 2021

    Our city’s towering skyline gets all the press, but for the husband-and-wife artist duo behind Wonder City Studio, it’s the vernacular styles that make Chicago a place worth calling home.

    “We're transplants to Chicago,” said ceramics artist Katie Lauffenburger. “But when we met we would just walk the neighborhoods and look at all the homes and buildings that we just felt like we were in awe of the architecture here.”

    “With Chicago, it's like the whole city, border to border, is just beautiful,” said illustrator Phil Thompson. “I think for me, greystone’s kind of my favorite home type. You’ve got the bungalow, you've got the worker’s cottage. Those particular, especially ones that are kind of unique to Chicago, styles, really make the city sing.” Read more and Watch HERE



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