• Sideshow Gelato Bringing Circus Tricks, Magic Shows And Vegan Scoops To Lincoln Square

    by Alex V. Hernandez / Block Club Chicago / April 19, 2023

    Sideshow Gelato has been in the works nearly a year, with help from magician Penn Jillette. Owner Jay Bliznick will host multi-day grand opening starting May 17.

    LINCOLN SQUARE — Lincoln Square’s circus- and magic-themed gelato shop opens next month.

    Sideshow Gelato, 4819 N. Western Ave., will have a multi-day grand opening starting 4 p.m. May 17, chef and founder Jay Bliznick said. The shop will feature three stages for performers, with acts centered around magic and sideshow performances.

    The shop has the backing of Penn Jillette, of the famed Penn and Teller magician duo. Bliznick announced his plans in July and has been busy building out the shop.

    But now Bliznick’s planning his grand opening. That week, there will be “scoopers” who perform when they’re not doling out gelato Wednesday-Friday. They could include balloon twisters and jugglers, as well as the shop’s entertainment director and Bliznick’s mentor, Professor Pinkerton Xyloma, Bliznick said. Read more HERE



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