• The 10 Chicago Restaurants We Loved Most in 2021

    by Amanda Topper / Inside Hook / December 24, 2021

    As the year winds down, we’re paying tribute to some of our favorite spots that have fought their way to survival throughout the pandemic. Whether completely overhauling their menu at the onset of the pandemic or even opening up during the worst time possible, each restaurant deserves your business (and a ton of credit for making it this far). 

    It’s certainly been no walk in the park, just ask Andrew Barbera, Owner and Front of House Manager of Edgewater’s Beard & Belly, “The main thing I want people to know is that we are still getting our butts kicked. We have almost no business after 9pm, and every single time there is a Covid surge or a new variant, we see a major dip in sales for weeks or months. The next three months are going to be absolutely crucial for us to survive.”  Read more HERE



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