• The Chicago bagel revolution is here. Here are the 10 best, ranked.

    by Nick Kindelsperger / Chicago Tribune / November 15, 2021

    Glance at a substandard bagel and you’ll notice its smooth, shiny exterior and pale blond color. Poke it with your pinkie and it easily compresses. Slice it in half, and the interior looks uniform, like a slice of white bread.

    Now stare intently at the bagel from somewhere like Mindy’s Bakery and admire how the dark exterior is littered with tiny little bubbles. Marvel at the audible crunch of the crust when you cut in, even though it came nowhere near a toaster. Spot the irregular web of dough inside.

    First, the good news: Chicago has some phenomenal bagels, ones that could strike jealousy into the heart of any grizzled New York skeptic. I’m talking about compact bagels with a crunchy browned crust and a tender interior with just the right amount of chew. Read more HERE



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