• Want to make a fresh and festive Thanksgiving dinner for $40? Here's your menu

    This Thanksgiving for four makes the most of seasonal ingredients and supermarket staples 

    by Ashlie D. Stevens / Salon.com / November 7, 2021

    Last weekend, I stood on the second-floor balcony of Gene's Sausage Shop and Delicatessen, a European-influenced market in Chicago's Lincoln Square, sampling gin while peering into the fray below. It was Saturday afternoon, and the aisles were packed with people and with products — loaves of crusty bread and springy pretzel rolls, tidy rows of neon bottled limoncello, a dazzling array of sausages ranging in color from muted brown duck sausage to delicate pink pork to fire-red Spanish chorizo. 

    Amid it all was a woman with whom I felt an immediate kinship. In her shopping basket was a notebook, a spreadsheet and a pocket calculator. As she made her way through the store, occasionally pushing wisps of sandy brown hair back up under a sunshine-colored toboggan, she'd grab an item, consult her spreadsheet and note the price. Read more HERE



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