• Where to Find Thin-Crust Pizza in Chicago

    by Eater Staff / Eater Chicago / February 7, 2022

    Yes, Chicagoans love their tavern-style squares, but they’re also capable of embracing triangles.
    For those fatigued by the endless debates over deep dish versus tavern style, it’s okay to opt out. Chicago’s pizza scene is more vibrant than ever, with an abundance of thin-crust options that did not originate in the Windy City. Civic pride aside, there’s nothing wrong with having a New York slice every once in a while — they’re pretty good! Or try Neapolitan, the original pizza, or Roman, or New Haven, or even Quad Cities- or Pilsen-style, though the latter is limited to one single pizzeria that started on 21st Street. They all come in wedges, which eliminates the debate over which part of tavern-style is best, the corners or the center. An argument avoided is almost as good as an argument won. Read more HERE



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