• Why Doesn’t Chicago Have More Wine Bars in Bookstores?

    by Aimee Levitt / Eater Chicago / April 1, 2022

    Few things go together better than a book and a bottle of wine, but Chicagoans are still learning.
    When Rebecca George decided to open up a bookstore with her sister Kimberly in 2016, she knew a few things for certain. First, it would be, above all, a community space with events nearly every day. Second, it would be in Wicker Park, where George has lived her entire adult life. And third, it would have a cafe that served not just coffee, but wine and whiskey as well. It wouldn’t just be Volumes Books. It would be Volumes Bookcafe.

    “Coffee, tea, books, wine, they all kind of go together,” George says. “It’s a detachment from reality. People want to walk around after work, unwinding, browsing with a glass of wine. It’s shocking that it took us humans so long to figure it out.” Read more HERE




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