• Winter Storm Preparation and Holiday Shopping Collide at Chicago Grocery Stores: ‘Crazier Than Expected'

    by Amanda Vinicky / WTTW Chicago Tonight / December 21, 2022

    The weather forecast could put a kink in the plans of those who prefer to do last-minute holiday shopping. 

    Heavy snow and winds are on the way, speeding up the usual hustle-and-bustle timeline. It’s a wintry mix: Blizzard-like conditions, just ahead of Christmas and during Hanukkah.

    The double whammy caused crowded parking lots and long aisles at grocery stores on Wednesday as folks stocked up.

    Derek  Luszcz, co-owner of Gene’s Sausage Shop in Lincoln Square, said he’d been so busy, he hadn’t paid attention to the forecast until Tuesday when he started getting calls from customers looking to change their orders.

    After about 20 of them called, he asked a woman her reasoning. Read more and Watch HERE



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