Cleaning And Greening

  • Well maintained and attractive commercial corridors are essential to the economic well-being of an area.  Through the efforts of the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program (SSA #21) cleaning and greening projects are managed throughout the year to create inviting, walk-able areas that foster growth in our local economy. 

  • A series of planters, hanging baskets, and beds are planted prior to summer each year, followed by a winter rotation of holiday greens.  SSA #21 manages the following areas:

    • Concrete Planters
      • 43 concrete planters on Lincoln Avenue between Lawrence & Montrose
      • 94 pebbled planters on Western Avenue between Ainslie & Montrose
      • 9 concrete planters on Rockwell Street between Leland & Eastwood
      • 32 concrete planters on Montrose Avenue between Rockwell & Western
    • Hanging Baskets
      • 60 iron baskets on Lincoln Avenue street poles between Foster & Ainslie
    • Bioswales
      • 11 bioswales (landscaped areas designed to concentrate or remove debris and pollution out of surface runoff water) on Lawrence Avenue between Western & Leavitt
    • Landscaped Beds
      • Clarendon Plaza on Lawrence Avenue
      • Gunnison Plaza on Western Avenue
      • Giddings Plaza on Lincoln Avenue


    In addition, SSA #21 provides weeding services along district sidewalks twice per year.

  • Litter removal services are provided throughout the year along the 4.5 miles of sidewalk within the SSA district.  Services include litter pick-up from sidewalks, street curbs, and landscaped areas, removal of flyers adhered to street poles and vacant buildings, and graffiti removal / requests to 311.

    Services occur  three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (except for national holidays).  Supplemental service of City trash receptacles along the commercial corridors are provided by the SSA on Saturdays from June through September, as the area sees an uptick in pedestrian traffic during this time-frame.

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