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    View full program guidelines and paper application form here
    Fill out a digital application or send a paper application to our office no later than Thursday, May 25.

    PaintWorks?  What's that?

    PaintWorks is a new program for 2017!  The Lincoln Square Special Service Area will periodically fund public murals within its boundaries to improve the vibrancy and aesthetic appeal of our neighborhood's main corridors.  PaintWorks combines SSA dollars with crowdsourced donations to fund works of art for all to enjoy.  Here’s how it works:

    • At the start of each calendar year, the SSA begins accepting applications from businesses and property owners who would like to host a PaintWorks mural (“Hosts”).
    • The SSA Commission chooses sites for a maximum of two murals per year, the first in Late Spring/Early Summer, and the second in Late Summer/Early Fall.
    • RFPs are sent out to Artists, who are matched with approved project sites.
    • Once an Artist and Host are matched, crowdfunding begins for the project on ioby.
    • Fundraising concludes after about one month.  If a project reaches its goal, the Artist begins their work.  If it does not, both Artist and Host must reapply.


    Why Murals?

    • Murals encourage people to walk around the community, bringing them into local businesses.
    • Murals discourage blight, and can cover up decades of graffiti and decay.
    • Murals create a sense of community, tying Lincoln Square residents together with shared art.
    • Murals can become destinations in their own right (see Hebru Brantley's mural on the Western CTA substation).


    Current Projects:

    Check back soon for our first project!


    Direct all questions to Program Manager Ryan Warsing at ryan@lincolnsquare.org.


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