• Lincoln Square PaintWorks - Community Art Program
  • PaintWorks?  What's that?  The Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program (SSA #21) funds public murals and other art related projects to improve the vibrancy and aesthetic appeal of our community.  PaintWorks uses both local district tax dollars and crowdfunded donations to bring art to life in Lincoln Square.

    How does the program work?  Applications from host sites (i.e. property owners) that are interested in hosting an art related project are accepted on a rolling basis.  Once the host site is approved by the SSA Commissioners, a Request for Proposal (RFP) from artists will be made public.  The Arts Committee will review all artist submissions and provide a recommended selection to the SSA Commission for approval.  Once approved, the artist will be notified and before long the community will have another piece of public art to enjoy.

    Currently soliciting artists for the Lincoln Square Make Way for People project.  Learn how to apply below.

  • Lincoln Square Mural - The Announcement
  • How To Get Involved

    Want to host a mural on your property or business?  Interested in applying to take part in PaintWorks as an artist?  Or are you a community member that just wants to get involved?  Learn how below.

  • For Property Owners For Property Owners

    SSA 21 accepts applications to host a mural on a rolling basis.

    • Murals must be within the boundaries of SSA 21
    • Murals must face the public way
    • Murals should remain in place for at least 3 years
    • Maintenance funding is not guaranteed
    • $500 participation fee (due at completion)
    • Site owners are invited to weigh in on artist/design

    Property owners can apply via a online application, or mail a paper form to the Chamber of Commerce:

    RE: Program Manager
    2611 W Lawrence Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625



  • For Artists For Artists

    Request For Proposals (RFP) are sent to local artists after mural sites are selected.  Selected artists are paid $5,000* (unless otherwise noted) for their work.  Artists interested in receiving RFPs should enroll in our artist directory.

    To view open applications click here.

    *Artist payment is all-inclusive (labor, supplies, travel, etc.).  No exceptions.



  • For the Community For the Community

    PaintWorks murals need help from the community - we can't do it alone!  All donors giving over $500 get recognized with the mural itself.

    PaintWorks is not soliciting donations at this time.

  • Why Public Art?  Art along the public way encourages people to walk around the community, bringing them into local businesses and often creating destinations in their own right (see Hebru Brantley's mural on the Western CTA substation).  Mural projects can often discourage blight, and can cover up decades of graffiti and decay.  In addition, projects help create a sense of community, tying area residents together through shared art.

  • Past Projects

    "River Flight" - 2803 W Lawrence Avenue - Artist: Franklin Riley
    "Cambodian Color" - 2831 W Lawrence Avenue - Artist: Brandin Hurley
    "The Announcement" - 5011 N Lincoln Avenue - Artist: Jason Watts
    "Parade of Abes" - Various Locations - Designed by artists at the One River School of Art and Design
    "Communication Station" - 4647 N Lincoln Ave - Artist: Christopher Hungerman
    "Life Raft" - 4552 N Western Ave - Artist: Rachel Lindsay-Snow



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