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  • For Property Owners For Property Owners

    SSA 21 accepts applications to host a mural on a rolling basis.

    • Murals must be within the boundaries of SSA 21
    • Murals must face the public way
    • Murals should remain in place for at least 3 years
    • Maintenance funding is not guaranteed
    • $500 participation fee (due at completion)
    • Site owners are invited to weigh in on artist/design

    Property owners can apply online or mail a paper form to:

    RE: Program Manager
    2611 W Lawrence Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625

  • For Artists For Artists

    RFPs are sent to local artists after mural sites are selected.  Selected artists are paid $5,000* for their work.  Artists interested in receiving RFPs should enroll in our directory.

    *Artist payment is all-inclusive (labor, supplies, travel, etc.).  No exceptions.

  • For the Community For the Community

    PaintWorks murals need help from the community - we can't do it alone!  All donors giving over $500 get recognized with the mural itself.

    PaintWorks is not soliciting donations at this time.

  • PaintWorks?  What's that?

    The Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program (SSA #21) funds public murals to improve the vibrancy and aesthetic appeal of our community.  PaintWorks uses both tax dollars and crowdfunded donations to make it happen.  Here’s how it works:

    • We take rolling applications from properties that want to host a mural (“Hosts”)
    • Our Commission chooses sites for a maximum of two murals per year
    • RFPs are sent to Artists, and submitted proposals are reviewed by our Arts Committee
    • The Arts Committee chooses a mural Artist with input from the Host
    • The Artist gets to work, and before long there's a new mural for all to enjoy

    Why Murals?

    • Murals encourage people to walk around the community, bringing them into local businesses.
    • Murals discourage blight, and can cover up decades of graffiti and decay.
    • Murals create a sense of community, tying Lincoln Square residents together with shared art.
    • Murals can become destinations in their own right (see Hebru Brantley's mural on the Western CTA substation).

    Current Projects:
    Next project coming soon!

    Past Projects:
    "River Flight" - 2803 W Lawrence Avenue - Artist: Franklin Riley
    "Cambodian Color" - 2831 W Lawrence Avenue - Artist: Brandin Hurley
    "The Announcement" - 5011 N Lincoln Avenue - Artist: Jason Watts
    "Parade of Abes" - Various Locations - Designed by artists at the One River School of Art and Design
    "Communication Station" - 4647 N Lincoln Ave - Artist: Christopher Hungerman
    "Life Raft" - 4552 N Western Ave - Artist: Rachel Lindsay-Snow


    Direct all questions to Neighborhood Services Director Ryan Warsing at ryan@lincolnsquare.org.




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