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  • Each year at Apple Fest local restaurateurs get creative with the awe inspiring apple!  From the traditional American apple pie, to the creative apple and cinnamon empanada, you're sure to get your fill of this delicious Fall fruit.  And don't forget to quench your thirst with a refreshing cider.  You'll be sure to find plenty of hard- and non-alcoholic ciders at Apple Fest!

  • Apple Fest - Apple Pie
  • Food Menu Details Food Menu Details

    Artango Bar & Steakhouse

    • Apple & Cinnamon Empanadas
      Also Choice of Beef, Chicken, or Corn & Cheese
    • Apple & Pork Tacos
      Also Choice of Beef, or Veggies

    Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

    • Biscuits w/ Apple Butter
    • Apple Crisp
      Baked w/ Spices and Topped w/ Oat Crumble
    • Chocolate Pecan Pie

    Bo's Concessions

    • Funnel Cake w/ Apple Topping
    • Apple Brats & Apple Fries
    • Apple Cotton Candy
    • Hot Dog and Chips
    • Lemonade

    Carbon Arc Bar & Board

    • Apple & Sage Bratwurst
      w/ Green Apple Mustard
    • Caramel Apple Cinnamon Popcorn
      Also Choice of Classic Buttered, Nacho Cheese, Bloody Mary, Hot Cheetos Style
    • Kids Hot Dog

    The Chopping Block

    • Famous Apple Pie Slice
      w/ Handmade Whipped Cream
    • Grilled Bratwurst w/ Bacon Apple Kraut

    Dinky Delights

    • Apple Crisp or Pumpkin Spice Dinky Delights Donuts
    • Traditional Sugar Topping Dinky Delights Donuts
      Choose ONE sugar topping from: Cinnamon Sugar, Old Fashioned Sugar Cream Pie, Chocolate, Ginger Bread, Powdered Sugar, or Ancho Mamma's Chile Topping

    Essence of India

    • Apple Curry Chicken
      Apples and Indian Curry w/ Bone-In Chicken
    • Butter Chicken
      Tandoori Chicken Simmered in Tomato Sauce, Butter and Spices
    • Vegetable Samosa
      Fried Stuffed Pastries w/ Potatoes and Peas
    • Vegetable Korma
      Corn, Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Green Beans and Cottage Cheese in a Curry Sauce


    • Housemade Apple CIder Donuts
    • Housemade Apple & Blueberry Scones 
    • Smoked Chicken & Apple Sausage
    • German White Bratwurst
    • Housemade Kobe Beef Burgers
    • Housemade Veggie Burgers
    • 5-Cheese Mac & Cheese
      w/ Green Onion and Garlic Bread Crumb
    • Grilled Corn Elote
    • Housemade Geraldine's Cookies

    Lee Concessions

    • Grilled or Orange Chicken
    • Egg Rolls or Crab Rangoon
    • Corn Dogs or Chicken Tenders
    • Cheese Curds or Cheese Fries
    • Funnel Cake w/ Apple Topping
    • Deep Fried Oreos, Snickers, and Twinkies
    • Lemonade

    Luella's Gospel Bird

    • Apple Smoked Spare Rib Sandwich
      w/ Apple Cider BBQ Sauce and Slaw
    • Apple Smoked Beef Brisket
      w/ Apple Cider BBQ Sauce on Brioche
    • Apple Cobbler Pancakes

    Luella's Southern Kitchen

    • Apple Braised Pork Belly
      w/ Cheddar Grits
    • Candy Apple French Toast
    • Apple Crisp w/ Cinnamon Ice Cream

    The Northman

    • Apple Panzanelle Salad
      Granny Smith Apple, Tomato, English Cucumber, Toasted Italian Bread, Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette, Parmigiano Reggiano
    • Cider Donuts
    • Fish and Chips
      Malt Cured Icelandic cod, Cider Battered, Spicy Gribiche, Malt Mist
    • Döner Kabob
      Malt Ground and Spit-Roasted Beef, Chicken, and Lamb, Marinated Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Lemon, Crispy Rice, Yogurt, Flatbread Wrap
    • Northman Burger
      Ground Beef, Northman Cider Q Sauce, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Pepperjack, Carmelized Onions, Apple Slaw, Sesame Bun

    Sweet Pepper Venezuelan Food Bar

    • Apple Stuffed Andean Pastelitos (Traditional Venezuelan Breakfast)
      Also choice of Guava & Cheese, or Chicken
    • Venezuelan Tequeños
      Similar to Cheese Sticks, Made w/ Wheat Flour and Stuffed w/ Caribbean Cheese

    Taco In A Bag

    • The Chipper Swine
      Cider Braised Pork Shoulder, Mustard Slaw, Dried Cherry, Green Onion
    • Norberto
      Braised Chicken Thigh, Avocado / Jalapeno Sauce, Pepper Jack, Cilantro, Dried Cranberry
    • Cheeseburger Nachos
      Beer Braised Ground Beef, Four Cheese Sauce, Romaine, Not McDonalds Special Sauce, Pickle, Potato Strawz
  • Apple Fest Lincoln Square - Pouring Cider
  • Beverage Menu Details Beverage Menu Details

    The Chopping Block

    Hard Cider from Right Bee Cider
    This all-natural cider is made by a Chicago couple and uses local honey.

    DANK HAUS, German-American Cultural Center

    Possmann Frankfurter Äpfelwein Hard Cider
    Crisp, dry and clear with the distinct harmony of a tart cider with fruit flavor of the apple.

    Great Central Brewing Co. - Festzelt Bier
    A limited-release seasonal Oktoberfest lager brewed in Chicago.

    Fischborn Dry Riesling from Germany
    Floral notes with hints of honey and peach.


    Vander Mill Totally Roasted Cider
    The medley of cinnamon, pecan, and vanilla will dance on your palate. This is a mind altering example of what cider can be.

    Metropolitan Flywheel Pilsner
    Features the spicy hop flavors and bitterness you expect in a Pilsner, but the malt bill is amped up for balance.

    Solemn Oath End All
    Sunshine colored with haze for days, this IPA boasts a juicy, tropical fruit hop aroma with a massive orange-citrus hop flavor.

    Hot Mulled Wine

    The Northman

    Northman Pub Cider
    Not too dry, not too sweet. Right in the middle, with decent acidity. Made from Michigan heirloom apples such as Grimes Golden, Northern Spy, Winter Banana & Winesap.

    Uncle John's, Cherry Cider
    Uncle John's starts with farm-fresh Apple Hard Cider, then use a special family recipe and mix in Michigan Cherry Juice. This carbonated blush brings together Michigan’s best tastes.

    Begyle Free Bird
    Showcasing Falconers Flight hops, this sessionable brew has aromas of citrus and fresh-cut flowers, leading into a well-balanced blend of lemony hop bitterness and clean malt character.

    Hopler Pannonica Rose 
    This very pale rose has an inviting nose of fresh lemon and ripe strawberries. The citrus-dominated palate is exquisitely fresh, light and dry. This is a pleasant summer breeze of a wine providing excellent refreshment.

    Hopler Pannonica Red 
    Lots of fleshy black and red cherry fruit swishes on nose and palate. It's juicy fruit that stands in the foreground on a fluid palate which also has lovely, exciting tinges of white pepper spice. The body is fresh and light, the finish is refreshing and moreish.

    Ricochet's Tavern

    OutCider from 2 Towns Ciderhouse
    Rugged and fresh, OutCider isn't afraid of taking the trail less traveled. Jonagold apples are pressed, fermented, and left unfiltered, so you can experience their raw character.

    Son of Juice IPA by Maplewood
    A hazy IPA dripping with fruit juice notes. Pilsner malt and oats make a perfect canvas for loads of mosaic, simcoe, and nugget hops.

    Pinot Noir, red wine

    Rose wine

    Savory Spice Shop

    Mulled Apple Cider, Hot & Cold (non-alcoholic)

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