• SQUARE ROOTS 2020 ONLINE! - Market Vendor Application

    Online Event Dates:
    Sunday, August 23 - Saturday, August 29

    Festival website: www.SquareRoots.org

    This year's Square Roots festival is moving online with several ways for local businesses to get involved. Square Roots has partnered with online platform Bachalaash, a Chicago creative technology company with a love for supporting local businesses and nonprofits. With their assistance Square Roots will be able to host restaurant menu items and retail packages for local consumers to easily peruse, select items from multiple businesses at one time, and choose when to pick up their purchase. In addition, all customers will have the ability to join us for several online performances curated by Old Town School of Folk Music.
    APPLICATION DUE DATE: July 31, 2020 (for maximum marketing exposure)
    General Requirements
    ***** Requirements subject to change. ***** Non-refundable registration fee and all supporting documentation must be submitted by July 31, 2020 (for maximum marketing exposure). The Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (LSRCC), Old Town School of Folk Music (OTSFM) and Big Buzz Idea Group (BBIG) are not responsible for applications that do not include the necessary documentation. Vendors with outstanding debt to LSRCC or OTSFM will not be allowed to participate until outstanding financial obligations are rectified. ***** Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance to the virtual event. Due to the virtual capacity of this year's Square Roots, vendor selection will be based on product offering, completion of paperwork and payment. The Festival Committee reserves the right to limit the number of Market Vendors in all categories (ie. Clothing, Art, Home, etc.). Application fees will be refunded to any vendor not approved. ***** To qualify for LSRCC membership, merchants must be located within a two-mile radius of the LSRCC office at 2611 W. Lawrence Ave. and the membership application must be filed by July 1, 2020. *****
    Fees and Commissions
    ***** A non-refundable $75 registration fee ($50 for LSRCC Members) will reserve your virtual space. This application fee will include your product listing on host website. This is a rain or shine event. Inclement weather or Acts of God will not result in the cancellation of the event or the refunding of your fees. ***** THIS IS A VIRTUAL EVENT. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED THROUGH SQUARE ROOTS HOSTING WEBSITE. LSRCC/OTSFM will receive 20% (10% for LSRCC members) of all sales based on orders through the Bachalaash platform, and you will receive a check for 77% (87% for LSRCC members) issued on Thursday, September 3, between 2 and 4pm. (3% deducted for online sales platform fees) ***** The LSRCC/OTSFM does not withhold any taxes from Square Roots participants, and any taxes associated with Square Roots participation are the responsibility of each individual Market Vendor. *****
    Product Offering
    ***** Market Vendor product offering will be approved on a first come basis. All final lists are subject to approval by the Square Roots Committee. *****
    Other Guidelines
    ***** All Square Roots participants and their employees are expected to serve as a positive representation of the community and at no time should there be any illegal activities taking place by event participants. Any vendor found in violation of these rules can be fined and immediately removed from the event and prosecuted at the organizer's discretion. ***** LSRCC, OTSFM, BBIG, employees, related festival providers and participating sponsors shall NOT be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the vendor, its employees or property prior to, during or subsequent to the period covered by the vending contract. The vendor signing this contract expressly releases all of the aforementioned from any and all claims from such loss, damage or injury. ***** LSRCC, OTSFM and BBIG are grateful for the support of our sponsors. All vendors are expected to work with our sponsors and follow contract specifications when applicable. ***** This event may be photographed and videotaped for marketing purposes. By participating in this event you hereby consent to the use of your likeness or image in those photographs or video for future promotional consideration by Square Roots, the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce, Old Town School of Folk Music and/or Big Buzz Idea Group. ***** Mistreatment of event staff or volunteers will not be tolerated. LSRCC, OTSFM and BBIG reserve the right to remove any individual/company from the event and ban from future Big Buzz Idea Group productions. *****
    Are you a member of the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce? If yes, please check below.
    Form must be fully completed.
    Company Address
    Offerings should be simplified from full business assortments, similar to what you would offer at the physical event. Suggestions include themed packaged "baskets", one to two main items, etc.
    Final list due July 31 for maximum exposure.
    Select one of the pricing options below.
    LSRCC Member Pricing
    Non-Member Pricing
    Contact Sarah at Big Buzz Idea Group: sarah@bigbuzzideagroup.com
    Payment Options *
    Applications will not be processed and space will not be secured until payment is received. Checks should be made to payable to "Square Roots", and mailed to: Square Roots c/o Big Buzz Idea Group, 4055 W. Peterson Ave., Ste 105, Chicago IL 60646
    xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
    Credit Card Holder Name
    Credit Card Holder Billing Address
    Event Rules, Requirements and Guidelines *
    For the safety, security and benefit of our vendors, all participants must abide by the rules, requirements and guidelines. Any non-compliance may result in immediate removal from the event and further action will be taken if necessary. This acknowledges that you have read and understand the rules and guidelines set forth as well as all fines, penalties or other actions that may be taken.
    By entering your name below you acknowledge that you have read, understand and will comply with the rules, requirements and guidelines set forth.



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