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  • Make Way For People

  • The Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program and 40th Ward Alderman Andre Vasquez are partnering with the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and Department of Transportation (CDOT) to plan for a Make Way for People project in Lincoln Square. Join us in planning for our neighborhood's newest public space!

    What is Make Way for People?  The program is a CDOT initiative to strengthen an area's sense of place and community. By converting streets, sidewalks, plazas and alleys into places for people to sit, eat, and play, the program helps create safe, walkable neighborhoods that support local business and strengthen a sense of place. The idea is to use lighter, less expensive tools such as removable decks, paint, and flower pots to quickly convert underutilized or small sections of the public right-of-way into people centered places.

  • Lincoln Square Initiative

    Where will the program happen?  With the current remodel of the McDonald's restaurant underway, and with your input and feedback, our community has the opportunity to transform a section of underutilized roadway into a vibrant people space. Through the Make Way for People Program we can test an array of initiatives to activate growth in the northern section of Lincoln Square. In past experiences, successful Make Way for People projects often become permanent plaza spaces, as seen in the images below of the Lakeview and Andersonville neighborhoods



  • People Spot, Andersonville Chamber of Commerce

  • Andersonville People Spot
  • Lincoln Hub, Lakeview Chamber of Commerce

  • Lakeview Lincoln Hub

  • Ainslie Arts Plaza

    Quick Poll Public Participation.  Between Tuesday, August 11th and Friday, August 21st, 2020 the community participated in a Neighborhood Quick Poll to weigh in on how they might use a new Make Way for People plaza in Lincoln Square.  During that time, more than 1,200 participants (1,281 to be exact) took the poll, rating their preferences regarding public space activities and events and sharing insights about why they like, love, or loathe various plaza functions.  Participants were asked to review a series of images and provide responses about how likely they are to participate in those functions if provided in the plaza.  In true Lincoln Square fashion, folks were encouraged to provide additional insights via the open comment section.


  • PaintWorks Lincoln Square

    PaintWorks: A Call For Artists

    Through Lincoln Square PaintWorks, the Neighborhood Improvement Program funds public murals and other art related projects to improve the vibrancy and aesthetic appeal of our community. Currently, artists are being solicited to design and install a mural on the roadway within in the proposed Make Way for People project area along N. Lincoln Avenue.

    Click Here to learn more about the PaintWorks program and view artist application details.



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