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  • Each winter the LSRCC takes the Chicago street festival scene indoors with Winter Brew!  On Saturday, January 25, local breweries and cideries from around Chicago will be setting up shop in the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center's 5th floor Ballroom and 6th floor Skyline Lounge.  Each will showcase up to two different craft beers or ciders, and rare, specialty tappings throughout the day.  Come in from the cold and warm up with us!


  • Saturday - Craft Beer Extravaganza

    Date: Saturday, January 25th 2020 (Lincoln Square)
    Time: 1pm – 4:30pm (Saturday 1st session)
              6:30pm – 10pm (Saturday 2nd session)
    Location: DANK Haus German American Cultural Center, 4740 N. Western Avenue (5th and 6th floors)

    Admission ticket:  Available for purchase online only. $10 through January 15; $15 after January 15.
    Beverage/Food Tickets: purchase online or on-site; one ticket = $1 
    8-oz beers = 4 tickets
    8-oz specialty taps = 5 tickets

    Cocktails = 6 tickets
    Food = 2 - 8 tickets

    NOTE: Although we love kids and dogs, this is a 21+ event and the venue is not pet-friendly. Photo IDs will be checked at the door. 

  • Winter Brew - Begyle Brewing
  • 2020 Breweries; Beer List 2020 Breweries; Beer List

    Alarmist Brewing 

    Le Jus NEIPA - Hazy IPA, 6.0% ABV
    Crispy Boy Pils - German-style pilsner,  4.9% ABV

    Jus de Rêves - Le Jus with vanilla and orange zest a la dreamsicle, 6.0% ABV

    Aleman Brewing Company

    PartyMan - Concord Grape IPA, 7.2% ABV
    SoulMan - Salted Caramel brown ale,  7.2% ABV

    Coffee Cake SoulMan - Brown ale with vanilla, coffee & cinnamon, 7.0% ABV

    Band of Bohemia

    Honey Rye - Made with local wild honey and Canadian Rye, beautiful and floral, 4.2% ABV
    Plaid Camel Midwestern Pale Ale - A true midwestern pale ale featuring Illinois grown barley, malted in St. Louis and Illinois chinook & cascade hops,  6.2% ABV

    Begyle Brewing

    Quagmire - Double IPA, 9.0% ABV
    Imperial Pajamas - Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Coffee,  9.0% ABV

    Barrel-Aged Imperial Pajamas - Barrel-aged version of Imperial Pajamas, 13.0% ABV

    Bold Dog Beer Company

    Quolassus - Belgian Quad with Molasses, 9.1% ABV
    Sunday Night Couch Cuddles - India Pale Lager,  5.1% ABV

    Dovetail Brewery

    Helles - A delicious, year-round, go-to beer. Refreshing, medium-bodied, with an aroma of grain and the pleasant floral & citrus of Saphir hops, 4.4% ABV
    Czech Dark Lager - Inspired by JP's afternoon in Prague drinking at U Flecku (a brewery making dark lager for the past 500 years), this is a Malt showcase of chocolate, bread crust, caramel & subtle coffee roast. A cozy version of our Pilsner, and a memory of that afternoon in a medieval beer garden,  5.3% ABV
    X04: Wild Vienna - The 4th in our series of barrel house experiments. We took a Vienna Lager, added it to a barrel, then added about 250mL of our spontaneous beer & let it do its thing for about a year , 5.1% ABV

    Empirical Brewery

    Endothermic - Baltic Porter, 8.0% ABV
    Lumen - Unfiltered American Light Lager,  4.2% ABV

    Mangolorian, Mango IPA - Originally introduced as Aroma Dance in 2017 as a collaboration with one of our favorite beer bars, Link's Taproom. We crave the beer so much, we brought it back as a regular specialty rotation. A hazy, bold & frothy IPA with delicate aromas of Mosaic & Mandarina Bavaria hops with a punch of flavor from the mango added during fermentation. Get your blaster ready, the Mangolorian is coming for his bounty. 7.2%  ABV

    Half Acre Beer Company

    Bodem IPA, Soft, welcoming mouthfeel with a sticky mix of citrus and tropical fruit, 6.7% ABV
    Double Dungeons Double IPA, Rainforest sweet fruit and strawberry limeade with a cool, soft base, 8.0% ABV

    2019 Benthic - BBA Imperial Stout with Coconut & Coffee, 13.9% ABV

    Old Irving Brewing Co.

    Della Kolsch - German-Style Ale brewed with a blend of German malts and hopped with hallertau Mittelfruh and Hallertau Blanc, 5.2% ABV
    Beezer DDH IPA - Citra and Mosaic double dry-hopped IPA 2019 GABF Hazy IPA Gold Medal Winner,  6.9% ABV
    Cinnamon Prost Crunch - White Milk Stout inspired by the last drink of cereal milk. Brewed with Saigon Cinnamon, Tahitian Vanilla Bean and milk sugar, 7.0% ABV

    Pipeworks Brewing Co.

    Genuine Bock Beer - German Bock, 6.66% ABV
    Forest Fauna - IPA with Centennial Hops, Simcoe Hops & Spruce Tips,  7.0% ABV

    Pipeworks Citra - Imperial IPA with Citra Hops, 9.5% ABV

    Sketchbook Brewing Co.

    Catch Me if You Can - Gingerbread Brown Ale, this beer wanders all over your palate with notes of cinnamon, maple, toffee & a hint of citrus, 7.1% ABV
    Night Game Double IPA - Tropical fruit, citrus, and floral flavors and aroma of mosaic hops. A drier and refreshing IPA,  8.8% ABV

    Thestral Black Rye Saison - Dark and dry, and carries spicy & earthy flavors from a dollop of rye. Dark malt lends a subtle chocolate coffee flavor, 10.6% ABV

    Spiteful Brewing

    Instigator Session IPA - An IPA that's bursting with citrus aromas, and is light in body and ABV, 4.0% ABV
    Spiteful Layer Cake Stout - A delightful stout brewed in homage to the layer cake: almond, vanilla, cherry, and chocolate, 6.7%

    Temperance Beer Co.

    Root Down Porter - Robust Porter brewed with chicory and licorice root, and tinged with a touch of smoked malt, 5.0% ABV
    Birdsong Saison - A unique combination of peppery sweetness, refreshing acidity, and a hint of farmhouse funk, 6.3% ABV

    2018 Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Blueberry Maple Might Meets Right Imperial Stout, 11.5% ABV

    Twisted Hippo

    The Bee's Sleaze - A Midwest Common brewed with Honey for an exceptionally balanced and approachable ale, 6.5% ABV
    Black Umbrella - Our "all weather" oatmeal rye stout, 7.5% ABV

    Johnny Juice - Johnny Appleseed himself couldn't come up with a tastier apple ale. Smooth, fresh and a slight hint of tartness, 6.7% ABV

    Urban Renewal Brewery

    Hazy River New England IPA - A full-bodied hazy NEIPA loaded with citrus and tropical notes, 7.0% ABV
    Schwarz Weather Black Lager - Schwarzbier (Black Lager) is a German-style lager with similar attributes of a Stout or Porter. Has a crisp dark chocolate/coffee roasted flavor & aroma that pairs well with its light body & dry finish, 6.0% ABV

    The G.O.A.T. Doppelbock - Strong lager with intense bready, malty sweetness with a note of hop bitterness for balance, 7.0% ABV


    * Beers listed in red denote specialty tapping


  • Winter Brew
  • 2020 Cideries / Distillery; Beverage List 2020 Cideries / Distillery; Beverage List

    Koval Distillery

    Rosemary Smash KOVAL Rye, Simple syrup, Lemon wedge, sprig of Rosemary
    Cranberry Orchard KOVAL Cranberry Gin Liqueur, Apple cider, Aromatic bitters

    Right Bee Cider

    Right Bee Cider Semi-Dry - Fermented apples and a drop of honey from our own beehives. Light, crisp & refreshing with just a touch of sweetness. Our blend of fresh-pressed American grown apples are fermented dry with a champagne-style yeast, 6.0% ABV
    Right Bee Cider Hibiscus - This bright and crisp semi-dry cider contains hibiscus and honey from our Right Bee Cider's beehives!, 6.0% ABV

    The Northman

    Northman Pub Cider - A perfectly balanced cider from a blend of Michigan heirloom apples, 6.5% ABV


  • Winter Brew
  • 2020 Restaurant Menu & Vendor List 2020 Restaurant Menu & Vendor List

    Bratwurst traditional pork and veal sausage, with Dusseldorf mustard and grilled onions

    Veggie Chili - 12oz local beer and veggie chili

    Chips & Beer Cheese OR Bag of Chips malt vinegar and garlic chips

    Boxed Water
    complimentary water

    Square Kegs Home Brew Club
    Afternoon session ONLY  2:00pm Awards ceremony for their annual BJCP sanctioned homebrew competition. 



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