• SSA 21 - Public Beautification
  • Public Beautification

  • Attractive commercial corridors are essential to the economic well-being of Lincoln Square.  Our Program manages cleaning-and-greening projects throughout the year to ensure our community remains inviting to all.

  • Landscaping Services

    The Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program contracts with landscapers to enliven the commercial corridors of the SSA District.  From various planter beds to sidewalk decorative planters, landscaping crews work throughout the year to enhance the pedestrian experience in the community.

    Seasonal plantings occur twice a year - Spring/Summer and late Fall (Winter greens).  Watering occurs two to three times per week from May through September (based on weather conditions).  A total of 160 sidewalk planters, 56 street pole baskets, 12 bioswales, and 5 plaza areas receive landscaped services.

    In addition to plantings, sidewalk weeding services occur twice per year.


    Litter Removal Service

    Throughout each year, neighborhood improvement crews remove litter discarded along sidewalks and street gutters throughout the SSA District.  Litter removal occurs every Monday and Friday, with added Wednesday service during the busier months of June through September.  That's nearly 15 miles of sidewalk serviced every week, or over 700 miles of sidewalk every year!

    And it's not just litter - neighborhood improvement crews also scrub and report graffiti, remove flyers, and empty public trash cans as a supplemental service to the Department of Streets and Sanitation local service schedule.

  • See a problem spot in the service area?  Email us to let us know.



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