• SSA 21 - Lincoln Square Strategic Plan
  •  Strategic Plan

  • After reconstituting in 2016, SSA #21 was renamed the "Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program" and a new Strategic Plan was ordered to assess the organization's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth.  PLACE Consulting was selected to lead the process, and their efforts laid the groundwork for the now ongoing Lincoln Square Master Plan.

    The Strategic Plan included:

    • Demographic analyses studying race, age, income, and educational attainment
    • A revised organization branding scheme
    • Revised organization bylaws and a clear enumeration of SSA responsibilities
    • A comparative study of other successful business districts
    • Visions for four "Opportunity Sites," or buildings in the neighborhood where redevelopment is needed
      • MB Financial Bank (4800 N Western Ave)
      • Former Chicago Printmakers Collaborative (4648 N Western Ave)
      • Former Boomer's Restaurant (5035 N Lincoln Ave)
      • Former Women's Workout World (2540 W Lawrence Ave)

    The above Opportunity Sites were not consulted for the Strategic Plan.  Renderings are strictly conceptual.



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