• Groups

    Ambassador Council Committee

    The mission of the Ambassador Committee is to actively recruit new members, welcome new business members to the organization, and assist in the education of member benefits. In addition, the committee shall encourage member participation in Chamber committees and activities, and determine if membership needs are being met through current benefit packages.

    Board of Directors

    Board of Directors provides advice and direction regarding policies of the Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with organizational charter.

    Community Service Committee

    The mission of the Community Committee is to find and devise means for the Chamber of Commerce and its members to invest in the commercial wellbeing and public attractiveness of Lincoln Square Ravenswood. The Committee will create regular initiatives to benefit either specific businesses or broad-based commercial zones whose vibrancy impacts local business and residents alike. On occasion, the Committee will also suggest forums for the Chamber of Commerce and community to meet and discuss new and important developments in the area.

    Executive Committee

    The mission of the Executive Committee is to oversee the financial stability and governance of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the Committee regularly meets with the Executive Director to assist in the decision-making processes.

    Marketing Comittee

    The mission of the Marketing Committee is to promote the business community of Lincoln Square and Ravenswood through advertising campaigns, pubic relations, marketing collateral, and the use of technology. In addition, the Marketing Committee will assist in the oversight of the organization's communication tools, including: brochures, website, social media, etc.

    Non-Profit Organizations

    Receive information specifically targeted to non-profit organizations in and around Lincoln Square Ravenswood.


    Personnel for the Chamber of Commerce



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