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    Illinois Autism Center (IAC) is a provider of quality care for kids with Autism. We offer personalized ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis), Social Skills groups, and family training. Illinois Autism Center is as an inspirational hub for growth and development in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Chicago and the broader state of Illinois.

    Located at the heart of the city, our center offers a safe and nurturing environment for kids with autism to be able to explore freely, develop their interests and begin to get to know their true selves. Our guiding philosophy is rooted in the belief that every child is unique, and that a cookie-cutter approach to autism treatment is bound to fail. This is why we base our treatment approach on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA for short), which is scientifically recognized as the superlative 'most effective treatment for kids with autism.

    Our dedicated team, consisting of Board-Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs), leverages their wealth of experience to create personalized ABA treatment strategies. We are happy to offer both at-home and center-based therapy options to meet the specific needs of our families and kids.

    Our center accepts most major insurance plans. To learn more about Illinois Autism Center, you can call our number at 312-248-1801.



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