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    KOVAL is one of America’s largest artisan distilleries and winner of over 50 international awards. KOVAL pioneered a new school of distilling in the US that focuses on using only the heart cut of the distillate. The heart cut is the purest, most grain forward portion of the distillate, affording KOVAL its signature clean, bright style. KOVAL is also known for its use of unique and interesting grains, inspiring Wine Enthusiast to name the distillery a “leader of the alt-grain scene.” All of KOVAL’s whiskies are single barrel and aged in 30 gallon barrels of New American Oak, and in turn, each bottle can be traced back to the field on which the grain was grown. All of KOVAL’s whiskey, gin, vodka, and liqueurs are certified Organic and Kosher and made from grain to bottle in Chicago.


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    Book Swap at KOVAL
    Yoga & Cocktails @ KOVAL



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