• How Neighborhood Business Development Centers Can Help

  • Neighborhood Business Development Centers (NBDC) serve nearly every neighborhood in the City of Chicago.  NBDC organizations, such as the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (LSRCC), provide business counseling tailored to help businesses start and grow.  LSRCC can provide help with all aspects of your business - from developing a business plan, accessing capital, and connecting with other businesses and customers.  Think of an NBDC as your local "one-stop shop" connection to City Hall's Small Business Center, your local community, and other resources to help your business be successful.

    LSRCC has a strong neighborhood network and can coordinate efforts with local alders, City departments, and other community partners.  Small business services offered include:

  • Information About the Community
    Demographics, Available Commercial Properties, Planned Projects

    Assistance with Starting a Small Business
    Licenses, Permits, Zoning, Marketing

    Troubleshooting City-Related Issues
    Public-Way Usage, Signage, Violations, Advocacy

    Connections to Financial Resources
    Small Business Loans and Alternative Funding Resources

    Connections to the Local Community
    Ward Offices, Contractors, Lawyers, Accounting Services, Job Postings

  • Support from Specialty Business Organizations
    Ethnic or Industry Based Assistance

    Employment and Workforce Development
    Workshops, Incubators, Seminars

    Consumer Marketing Assistance
    Ribbon-Cuttings, Marketing / Advertising Opportunities, Social Media / Newsletter Promotion

    Business-to-Business Opportunities
    Networking, Referrals, Introductions



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