• 13 New Restaurants And Cafes Near Lincoln Square

    by Alex V Hernandez / Block Club Chicago / July 21, 2023

    A mix of sit down and fast casual restaurants have opened on the North and Northwest Sides this summer.

    LINCOLN SQUARE — A crop of new restaurants have opened in Lincoln Square, North Center, Ravenswood, Irving Park and Albany Park.
    Dine-in restaurants that successfully navigated the pandemic like Garcia’s Restaurant, 4760 N. Lincoln Ave., are being joined by fast-casual options complementing the business corridor, said Rudy Flores, executive director of the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce.

    It’s a welcome sign the industry is rebounding from pandemic-related closures, supply chain disruptions and economic inflation, Flores said.

    “I think it’s a good balance because it’s not negatively affecting the already well-established restaurants in the area. I think it’s going to just bring more variety and bring more people to the community and give them more options throughout their week,” Flores said. Read more HERE




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