• Atelier Review

    by John Ringor / The Infatutuation / November 2, 2023

    Atelier in Lincoln Square definitely checks the fine dining boxes. This New American restaurant serves a $165 ($190 on weekends) 10-course tasting menu full of pretty dishes that graduated from Tweezer University. But while some fine dining spots feel uptight and pretentious, Atelier radiates the genuine warmth of a no-B.S. smile throughout the entirety of its delicious two-hour dinner.

    This spot should be uncomfortable. In the wrong hands, the tiny, eight-table space could feel sterile and claustrophobic. But quirky touches, like rustic tables and plates from an estate sale fever dream, add personality. The hum of conversation mixed with music bouncing between rock, bluegrass, and hip-hop keeps it from feeling eerily intimate. Servers bond with you over Michigan wine and talk about mushrooms from a nearby farm like they’re best friends. And though the open kitchen is constantly busy, it’s impressively quiet, never disrupting the restaurant’s sense of calm.  Read more HERE



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