• Chicago's Hidden Gems: Lincoln Square shop offers a taste of gelato with sideshow

    by Joe Donlon and Edie Kasten / CBS-2 Chicago / July 7, 2023

    CHICAGO (CBS) -- Where can you get great gelato and a sideshow worthy of a circus - jugglers, a contortionist, and all? We found a place in Lincoln Square; it's one of Chicago's hidden gems.

    There's juggling, a table that floats in mid-air thanks to a ghost named George, and acts that will keep you on pins and needles; and, oh yes, gelato!

    Sideshow Gelato in Lincoln Square is just what the name says, gelato with a show.

    "We'll do a magic trick for you, or two. We'll juggle for you. We have a contortionist on staff," owner owner Jay Bliznick said.

    How did Bliznick come up with the idea? Read more HERE



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