• Critics’ picks: Chicago’s 11 best new restaurants of 2023

    by Micah Yason and Jennifer Tanaka / WBEZ Chicago / December 27, 2023

    Reset’s Sasha-Ann Simons convened a panel of the city’s finest food folks to share their recommendations and insights about the top bites of 2023.

    What do you get when you bring together three Chicago dining experts? A bubbling spigot of top-shelf recommendations for where to eat next.

    Reset’s Sasha-Ann Simons invited Louisa Chu, the Chicago Tribune’s food critic; Rochelle Trotter, founder and CEO of R’Culinare; and Mike Sula, the food and drinks writer at the Chicago Reader, to share their lists of the city’s best restaurants that opened in the past year or so. The trio not only delivered a fascinating range of hot spots but also offered commentary on recent industry-award winners (Virtue in Hyde Park, Kasama in Ukrainian Village) and a slew of bonus recommendations.

    Sasha-Ann asked, “If you had to bring someone who’s never been to Chicago before to one place, where would you take them?” Louisa’s pick is a classic: “I’m thinking Jim’s,” she said, referring to Jim’s Original (1250 S. Union Ave.; 312-733-7820), home of the bone-in pork chop sandwich. “Best known for polish but also great fries. And they’ve got this amazing house-made, blended giardiniera mustard.”

    Here are 2023’s best new restaurants, according to Louisa, Rochelle and Mike. Read more HERE



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