• Jewel Tones Bring A Parisian-Inspired Chicago Condo To Life

    by Mikki Brammer / Luxe Chicago Interiors + Design / August 28, 2023

    rom contemporary floor plans to fresh materials, there are undoubtedly many positives to new-build condos, but sometimes they can feel a little impersonal. Though that wasn’t exactly the case with the Lakeview duplex that Bryan Anderson and Allen Gustin purchased—their affinity for all things French drew them to its herringbone floors and boiserie—the couple wanted to further tailor the space to suit their tastes. 

    At first they called on interior designer Carly Moeller to simply advise on finishes, but the pair soon realized she could do much more to help achieve their vision. “What we were really looking for was a sanctuary that had a bit of modern, a little vintage, some soothing colors and interesting decor that would make it a place we want to be in all the time,” Bryan says. 

    So, Moeller met the couple at their previous residence to “talk through some of their loves,” she explains. “Travel was a recurring theme, as well as cooking, so I knew they had a lot of collections in terms of cookbooks and art.” That included many photographic works—particularly of birds and African wildlife—taken by Allen and Bryan themselves, who both dabble in photography as a hobby. Read more HERE



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