• CTA Station Area Study

  • The Lincoln Square Master Plan was adopted by the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program (SSA #21) Commission on July 9, 2019.  A component of the Master Plan, the CTA Brown Line 'L' Western Avenue station area, was evaluated for conceptual design improvements to promote public places, business vitality and to improve multi-modal connections in and around the station area.  Based on the recommendations, the Neighborhood Improvement Program and Chamber of Commerce once again worked with Teska Associates to delve further into the urban design and public place-making opportunities for the station area starting in the Summer of 2021 and commencing in the Spring of 2022.

  • Study Area

    The Western Avenue CTA station area is generally defined as the areas within and surrounding the station plaza area including: the CTA Western Station Plaza, City of Chicago Parking Lot #71 (Farmers Market location), and at grade areas located beneath the 'L' tracks (west of N Lincoln Avenue).  Surrounding areas, including W Leland Avenue, N Western Avenue, and N Lincoln Avenue will also be evaluated as part of the study to understand connectivity and influences on the study area.

  • Project Timeline

    On May 12, 2021, the Chamber of Commerce, Neighborhood Improvement Program, and 47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin kicked off the start of the CTA Station Area Study with a preliminary walk-through hosted by Teska Associates.  After assessing the current state of the station area during the kick off the next steps will involve gathering ideas and feedback from all parts of the community, including neighborhood groups, nearby businesses and residents, local Ward offices, city departments, and other stakeholders. 

    The following timeline provides key points in the planning process.

    • June - Neighborhood Poll # 1 is introduced to the public and pop-up Visioning Booth takes place at the Lincoln Square Farmers Market.
    • July & August - Preliminary concepts begin to be developed based on collected information.
    • September - Neighborhood Poll #2 is circulated to the community to delve further into designs by asking questions about conceptual plans, public place activities, and treatments.
    • October - Draft concepts for the study area are developed and coordinated with the SSA, Aldermanic Offices, Department of Planning and Development (DPD), Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT).  Concepts include comparable photographs, section/elevation drawings, photo-visualizations, and other planning details.
    • November & December - Following the outcomes of Poll #2 and community insights, the project team is extending the timeline to determine additional research needed to better understand the impacts of parking and plaza enhancements in the immediate area.
    • January & February - Continued coordination with Aldermanic Offices, Department of Planning and Development (DPD), and Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)
    • March - A formal Public Open House will take place to present key design ideas through exhibits and presentation. Final concepts are adopted.

  • Neighborhood Poll #1

    The Results.  As we started rolling up our sleeves and breaking out the markers and trace paper, we asked you to give us your thoughts about the area surrounding the CTA Western Brown Line Station.  Many thanks to the 1,429 participants who shared input as part of the first Neighborhood Poll.  Between June 9 and July 2, 2021 we received responses from a wide range of ages and neighborhood affiliations.  2,144 open-ended comments were tallied throughout the survey, highlighting what the community thinks are the best attributes of this area and what the future could look like.

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  • Farmers Market Idea Booth Recap

    Stationed in the CTA Western Brown Line Station Plaza, on a warm summer day in June, the Idea Booth featured materials for folks to learn about the CTA Western Station Area Study project and most importantly, to share input!  Farm fresh-themed idea posters were pinned up, maps and exhibit boards were posted, and comment sheets were rolled out.  

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  • Neighborhood Poll #2

    Neighborhood Poll #2

    The Results.  Big THANKS to the 980 community members who offered their creative and practical insights as part of the second 'CTA Station Area Planning' Neighborhood Poll.  Following the inputs provided during Poll #1, the purpose of Poll #2 was to delve further into design issues.  A visual preference imagery style poll was used to obtain information to guide design planning.

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  • CTA Station Area Study - Public Meeting

    Public Meeting - 03.31.2022

    The Proposed Concepts.  Thank you to our friends in and around Lincoln Square for your creative visioning at the Western Avenue Brown Line Station Area!  It's finally time to review the outcomes of the planning process.

    Join us at a Public Meeting on Thursday, March 31, 2022 to review outcome of the neighborhood polls, proposed concept plans, and to provide your input.  The meeting will take palce at Gateway to Learning (4925 N Lincoln Avenue), begining with a presentation at 6pm, followed by time for attendees to review presentation boards up close.



  • CTA Station Area Study - Overview Concept Plan

    Proposed Concept Plan

    Final Concept Plan.  BIG THANKS to our neighbors, visitors, and friends for your creative visioning, practical thinking, and thoughtful inputs about the CTA Station Area Planning Study.  The area of study includes multiple parcels controlled by various agencies who have contributed to this planning assignment.  The concept plan is designed comprehensively and with specific functions and programs for project subareas as described in the illustrations available in the below linked file.

    We invite you to please review the concept plans for each subarea and provide your feedback via the online survey link below.  We will be accepting feedback via the survey link through Friday, April 15, 2022.

    Concept Plan Review

    Final Concept Survey

  • Next Steps for the CTA Station Area

    Thank you to everyone that was able to participate in the nearly year-long CTA Station Area Planning Study.  The below summary is provided to document the community response to the Public Meeting (March 31, 2022) and Neighborhood Poll (April 1 - April 15, 2022).

    Final Community Input Summary

    Next steps for the project include working with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), Department of Planning and Development (DPD), and local Alderman to determine funding opportunities to implement the plans.  Stay tuned to this project website for future updates!



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