• Apple Fest COVID-19 Protocols

  • Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce and the Apple Fest event team supports community minded behavior in all settings.  Regardless of vaccination status, we ask for you to please be considerate of others around you as you move through the event and interact with vendors, volunteers, staff, and other attendees.

    Apple Fest activities and COVID-19 protocols are planned based on current local and state mandates for public events.  Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce will continue to monitor guidelines and provide updates as necessary as the event date nears.

  • How will we manage?

    MANAGEMENT/STAFF:  All Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (LSRCC) staff have elected to disclose their vaccination status to LSRCC management and are fully inoculated.  All staff from the event management team of Big Buzz Idea Group (BBIG) have also elected to disclose their vaccination status and are fully inoculated.

    VOLUNTEERS:  Volunteers will be required to wear a mask unless they ELECTIVELY provide proof of vaccination.

    PARTICIPATING VENDORS:  Vendors will be asked to submit a signed document that states that all of their employees on-site have provided proof of vaccination to their employer.  If the letter is NOT received by Management/Staff, all employees of that specific vendor will be required to wear masks regardless of individual vaccination statuses of the vendor's on-site employees.

    SHOPPERS / ATTENDEES:  Signage will be placed at each entrance/exit points that reflect both a COVID-19 risk acknowledgement as well as a self declaration notice that if you enter the event space and are unmasked you are communicating that you are vaccinated and could provide proof if requested.

  • What signage will be used?

    ENTRANCE/EXIT POINT SIGNAGE:  The following signage will be utilized for the acknowledgement of vaccination status.

    There is an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place or place where people are present.  By entering the event foot-print, attendees voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and confirm that they will adhere to all local guidelines currently in effect.

    By entering this space you attest that you can answer NO to ALL of the following:

    1. Have you had a temperature over 100 degrees, felt feverish, or used a fever reducer in the previous 24 hours?
    2. Have you recently been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?
    3. Have you recently developed a complete loss of smell or taste?
    4. Do you have a new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
    5. Do you have a new or worsening sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
    6. Do you have shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition?

    By entering this space without a mask you are making a self declaration that you have been completely vaccinated against COVID-19.

    SOCIAL DISTANCING SIGNAGE:  Reminders will be posted throughout the event footprint for all attendees and staff to stay 6 feet apart, when possible.  It will be recommended to wear a mask in crowded areas.

  • Other Measures

    EXPANDED EVENT FOOTPRINT:  In order to allow for attendees to move more freely throughout the event, Apple Fest will be expanding its footprint an additional block south along Lincoln Avenue from Eastwood to Wilson.  This expansion will allow for more open space for attendees to explore the attractions of the event, provide additional seating areas, and give vendors more space between tents.

    ENHANCED CLEANING MEASURES:  Apple Fest contracts with Cleanslate Chicago for janitorial services.  Additional staff and resources will be utilized to sanitize the high touch areas of the event throughout the weekend.

    SANITATION STATIONS:  Hand sanitizer stations will be provided at all entrances to the festival by event management.  Participating vendors are requested to have hand sanitizer available for their customers at their vending booths.  Restroom areas and all food vendors have portable hand washing stations.



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