• Lincoln Square Ravenswood Apple Fest
  • Apple Fest Food & Beverage

  • Each year at Apple Fest, local restaurateurs get creative with the awe inspiring apple!  From the traditional American apple pie, to the creative apple and cinnamon empanada, you're sure to get your fill of this delicious Fall fruit.  And don't forget to quench your thirst with a refreshing cider.  You'll be sure to find plenty of hard- and non-alcoholic ciders at Apple Fest!

  • Apple Fest - Apple Pie
  • Food Menu Highlights Food Menu Highlights

    Avrom Farm's Chicken & Waffles

    • Chicken & Waffles with Apple Compote
    • Waffles with Apple Butter
    • Fried Chicken with Apple Glaze
    • Hibiscus Apple Drink

    Baked Cheese Haus

    • Apple Baked Cheese Skewer with drizzled cinnamon syrup
    • Raclette Alpine-style Raclette cheese melted and scraped off the wheel onto toasted baguettes - 4 different style options

    Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

    • Apple Pie slices, halves & whole
    • Apple Cider Donut Pie slices, halves & whole
    • Biscuits with Apple Butter
    • Chocolate Caramel Pie slices, halves & whole

    Bell Heir's BBQ

    • Brisket Pizza
    • Applewood smoked bacon cheeseburger
    • Mac N Cheese topped with diced smoke links & dice Applewood bacon

    Bo's Concessions

    • Funnel Cakes with apple and ice cream toppings
    • Apple Brats
    • Apple Fries
    • Hot Dogs with Chips
    • Apple Cotton Candy
    • Apple Dessert Tacos

    The Chopping Block

    • TCB's Famous Apple Pie with Whipped Cream

    Cobblestone Restaurant

    • Bistro Burger caramelized apple/onion jam, Wisconsin cheddar, brioche bun
    • Pulled Pork Sandwich cider braised pork shoulder, apple slaw, apple mustard
    • Cobblestone Kielbasa local smoked sausage, apple rotkohl, kremska mustard
    • Frites russet potato, secret seasoning, fresh herbs, sauce (mornay or cider gravy)
    • Apple Cider Donuts brioche donut, cinnamon sugar, apple cider glaze

    Dimo's Pizza

    • Margherita Pizza creamy burrata and fresh basil on a marinara base, topped with olive oil
    • Pepperoni Pizza marinara base topped with mozzarella & plenty of ezzo pepperoni cups, cute & built to char!
    • The Mac Pizza mac noodles, mild cheddar, sharp white cheddar, smoked provolone & parmesan topped with green onions on house white sauce base
    • BBQ Chicken Cheddar Bacon and Ranch Pizza 
    • Apple Pizza  apple butter, apple and smoked bacon, brussels sprouts, goat cheese, pickled shallots & maple dijon glaze 
    • Breakfast Sammie - apple butter, pork belly, roelli haus cheddar & jammy egg


    • Hot and fresh made to order Dinky Delights Donuts Choose ONE sugar topping from Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, Powdered, Old Fashioned Sugar Cream Pie

    Gayle V's Best Ever Grilled Cheese

    • Classic: Butterkase cheese on fresh baked white sourdough bread & fresh butter
    • Abreo: White cheddar cheese, slices of honey crisp apples and bacon onion jam or smoked onion marmalade
    • Jake: Gouda cheese, ham & apple butter
    • Apple Fest Breakfast Club: Double white cheddar cheese, farm fresh egg, applewood bacon & pure maple syrup
    • Tomato Soup

    The Green Post

    • The Meat Pie
    • Chicken Apple Sausage
    • Vegan sausage and mustard apple slaw
    • Apple Fritters

    Hello Jasmine

    • Boba tea menu
    • Apple Fruit Tea
    • Brown sugar boba milk tea
    • passion fruit tea
    • Popcorn Chicken


    • White German Bratwurst
    • Spicy Andouille Sausage
    • Chicken Apple Sausage
    • House Mushroom Sausage
    • Elote -corn, mayo, parmesan, Tajin seasoning
    • Mac & Cheese
    • Warm Spiced Apples
    • Apple Cinnamon Donut
    • Apple-Cheddar Scone
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Lee Concessions

    • Egg Rolls
    • Crab Rangoon
    • Grilled Chicken or Orange Chicken with Rice
    • Chicken Tenders with Fries
    • Corn Dog
    • Funnel Cake with Apple Topping
    • Cheese Curds
    • Fried Pickles
    • Deep Fried Oreos, Snickers, Twinkies
    • Lemonade
    • Shaved Ice

    Luciana's Kitchen

    • Apple Empanada
    • Apple Crumble Pie
    • Alfajores

    Luella's Southern Kitchen

    • Applewood Smoked Brisket Sliders with Bacon Jam
    • Apple Brown Betty with Brown Butter Cinnamon Topping

    Mi Fogata

    • Breakfast Burritos (steak, chicken, vegetarian with green apple)
    • Tacos with cilantro, onion, green apple pico de gallo: steak, al pastor, chicken, and vegetarian
    • Apple Roasted Nuts
    • Vanilla Roasted Nuts
    • Whiskey Roasted Nuts

    The Pony Inn

    • Apple cider braised pulled pork
    • Mac & Cheese
    • Pub Burger with apple jelly

    Rockwell's Neighborhood Grill

    • Harvest Breakfast Sandwich garlic-maple Canadian bacon, cheddar cheese, Apple pepper jam & chive egg on brioche bun
    • Harvest Double Smash Burger two 1/4 beef patties, cheddar cheese, pickled red onion, aioli & Apple pepper jam on brioche bun

    Tamales Express

    • Tamales
    • Tacos
    • Corn
    • Guacamole
    • Apple Tamales
    • Pumpkin Tamales
    • Apple/Pumpkin Pastries and Jellies
    • Mexican Hot Chocolate
    • Mangoes
    • Vegan/GF pastries

    Tropical Smoothie Cafe

    • Appletini Smoothie
    • Sunrise Sunset Smoothie
    • Jetty Punch Smoothie
    • Buffalo Chicken Wrap
    • Hummus Veggie Wrap

    Yum Dum Food Truck

    • Baos
    • Pork Belly slow braised topped with pickled apple slaw, crushed peanuts
    • Korean Chili Chicken Panko crusted chicken breast with spicy apple cabbage slaw, topped with Korean chili sauce and toasted sesame seeds
    • Panko Crusted Shrimp with ponzu apple cabbage slaw, topped with jalapeno sriracha aioli
    • Panko Crusted Sole Filet with house apple cabbage slaw, homemade sriracha tartar, pickled jalapeno
    • Apple Pie Dumplings
    • Apple Kimchi Rice Balls
    • Sesame Noodles with Apples

  • Apple Fest Lincoln Square - Pouring Cider
  • Beverage Menu Details Beverage Menu Details

    Bottles & Cans

    • Right Bee Cider collaboration 6.0% ABV
    • Seattle Cider Co. Pumpkin Cider 6.9% ABV
    • Dovetail Brewery Helles Lager 4.4% ABV
    • *LIMITED* Phase Three Brewing Affy Tapple 'Blonde Ale' 6.0% ABV
    • *LIMITED* Hop Butcher For the World Collab Hazy IPA w/ Pumpkin 7.7% ABV
    • Rose wine

    The Chopping Block

    • Right Bee Dry Hard Apple Cider 6.0% ABV
    • Right Bee Rose Hard Apple Cider 6.0% ABV

    Cobblestone Restaurant

    • Czechvar - Czech Original Pilsner Lager 5.0% ABV
    • Charlatan - Maplewood Pale Ale 6.1% ABV
    • Uncle John's Apple Cranberry Cider 6.5% ABV
    • Possman Cider Germany 5.0% ABV

    DANK Haus German American Cultural Center

    • Possman Pure Cider 5.0% ABV
    • Spaten Oktoberfest 5.9% ABV
    • Fischborn Dry Riesling

    The Green Post

    • Northman Pub Cider 6.5% ABV
    • Northman Rose Cider 6.5% ABV
    • Uncle John's Blueberry Cider 6.5% ABV
    • Maplewood Son of Juice 6.3% ABV
    • Cider Spritz Cocktail 6.0% ABV
    • Pannonica Red Blend

    Jerry's & Geraldine's

    • Metropolitan Krankshaft 5.0% ABV
    • Alarmist Le Jus 6.0% ABV
    • Original Sin Cider 6.0% ABV
    • Ace Pumpkin Cider 5.0% ABV
    • Hot Mulled Wine

    Ricochet's Tavern

    • 2 Towns Ciderhouse OutCider 5.9% ABV
    • Two Brothers Atom Smasher Octoberfest Lager 7% ABV
    • White Claw Hard Seltzer 5.0% ABV
    • Stiegl Radler 2.0% aBF
    • Red Wine
    • White Wine
    • Half Acre Lager Town 6.0% ABV
    • Off Color Apex Predator 6.5% ABV
    • Solemn Oath Snaggletooth Bandana 6.5% ABV
    • Right Bee Cider Clementine 6.0% ABV
    • Meinklang Fusion - co-fermented Grape & Apple Wine 
    • Alpa Pipeno wine



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