• How Dovetail Brewery Uses Engineer-like Precision to Master Neglected Beers – While Serving Them in

    WTTW-Playlist / by Daniel Hautzinger / May 21, 2024

    You probably think there’s only a couple ways to serve a beer: fresh from a keg or cask, or out of a can or bottle. But the meticulous minds behind Dovetail Brewery in North Center are eager to show you not only a variety of engaging methods of drinking from around the world, but also to ensure the neglected beers they're serving you are as fine-tuned to their own sense of a great beer as possible.
    During the winter, you can enjoy a frothy beer there warmed and caramelized by a hot metal poker in the German tradition of bierstacheln. Stand while you sample a lager poured in some eight different ways with varying levels and thicknesses of foam to experience a Japanese tachinomi. Snack on cubes of cheese sprinkled with celery salt alongside your beer as they often do in Belgian beer cafes. For something heartier, try the Swiss tradition of treberwurst, in which sausage is heated in the still-hot spent grain used in brewing beer that day. If you crave added flavor with your beer, there are radlers – brews mixed with pop, as they do with Chicago’s Filbert’s brand at Dovetail – or you can combine various syrups with a Berliner Weisse. Read More Here



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